Unique Chances For Healthcare Professionals

Unique Chances For Healthcare Professionals

At some point in their careers, most nurses and supervisors consider climbing another rung in the proverbial ladder. Some hesitate because they are not sure they would like the position, or do not feel confident in their own abilities. The higher the position, the less time there is to interact with patients. Making the decision can be difficult. There are opportunities available to help professionals make the decision easier.

Try It Out First

What if there was an opportunity to work in the upper level position on a temporary basis? Professionals can try out the position and decide if it is the right for them. This is possible through Interim Leadership Staffing presented by healthcare support staffing, which is a recruiting agency that specializes in long-term facility needs. The program was developed as a response to the shortage of nurses and administrators in the healthcare industry.

Candidates have to be fully qualified, but do not need the length of experience typically preferred for permanent candidates. Register with the agency to begin the process of finding a position that suits abilities and interests. The expectations will be the same as if hired permanently. This provides the chance to experience the pressures, duties, and rewards of the position. It can also help some realize the extent of their capabilities.


Aside from learning about the daily duties of the position, the experience will count toward applying for a permanent position if that is the desire. Working with an agency means placements, lengths, and duties are documented. Fulfill a few interim positions to gain the experience needed to apply. If the position does not suit the needs, that knowledge alone is valuable.

Another benefit is discovering how various facilities operate around the country. Regulations are the same nationwide, but policies and procedures differ. Even if the decision is to stay at the current level, there may be new approaches that can be used to make improvements, solve a difficult problem, or help a patient with dementia remember family members.

Avoid Burnout

The burnout rate for nurses is high. Most duties are repetitious and shifts are usually twelve hours long. Overtime that combination can wear down motivation, concentration, and critical thinking. When it is time for a change, consider becoming a traveling nurse. The pay is excellent, the setting changes every thirteen to twenty-six weeks, and there are always now things to learn. If the freedom entices you, see here for more information regarding these positions.